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「台灣學生 留美之路」專題報導


美國教育基金會 (American International Education Foundation, AIEF),1992年設立,為非營利教育事業機構。成立宗旨在提供豐富的美國教育資源,協助台灣學生赴美深造、短期進修、及專業培訓。與此同時促進台美之學術文化的交流,以社會和諧、教育共榮為目的。


Founded in 1992, American International Education Foundation (AIEF) Taipei office aims to provide a variety of American education information for promoting in Taiwan.

American Education Fairs

AIEF is the premier host of American Education Fairs in Taiwan, and has been successfully organized the American Education Fairs for more than twenty-five years. The fair serves as a platform for U.S. educational institutions to recruit Taiwan students to study in the United States.

Youth Leadership Congress

AIEF has sponsored many young leadership programs for the purpose of fostering a harmonious society, developing future leaders, and encouraging community services. Since 2000, AIEF has held AIEF Youth Leadership Congress in Taiwan every year and the students are from 15 to 18 years old who are selected because of their excellent academic performances as well as their strong desire to be a future leader.

Counseling & Advising

Every Wednesday afternoon, AIEF offers free face-to-face counseling to answer the questions that potential students will encounter when they plan to apply for American School and to provide American school materials to them.

Campus Ambassadors

AIEF recruits senior high and university students twice a year, who are in favor of American education and culture, as our campus ambassadors. They will help to pass on more AIEF information to their friends and schools as their main responsibilities.

An Authorized ETS test center & AIEF English Assessment Test

AIEF is an authorized ETS TOEFL and GRE test center. Furthermore, AIEF has two English assessment tests: Simulation iBT (SiBT) and UScampus English Assessment Test (USAT) for students who want to know their level.

If you have any question, please contact us via or call 886-2-2705-8840 at your earliest convenience. We are pleased to assist you in promoting American education in Taiwan and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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